All around you are spirits, child. They live in the earth, the water, the sky. If you listen, they will guide you.

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this is what i’m wearing to the gates of hell. I could command armies in this dress.


The worst feeling is when you need to excuse yourself for a moment, when you need to take some time to rethink or cry or get your shit together and you need the world to wait for you. But it won’t wait. You’ve got school or work or other things that will go if you don’t take…

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"He’s behind me making that fucking face again. I don’t even have to turn around to know it. God damn it. I hate that goddamned stupid face he makes. God fucking damnit."

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has anyone posted this yet? I love it! 

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Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone play US vs. Uk

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GIVE ME THIS MOVIE, MARVEL. Look, I drew you a poster and everything. Just make it happen. (Tumblr, it’s your task to write the pitch and script.)


A grape, wearing a raspberry.

I am froot.